Smart thermostats have been one of the biggest home automation trends of the last few years and for good reason.

They help you take hands-on control of your heating system via a mobile phone or tablet. So, if you have the heating set to come on at 6 PM when you get home from work but decide to head from the office straight to the gym instead, one tap of your smartphone can turn the heating off, ensuring you’re not wasting money.
Homeowners are likely to pay more for a property initially if it means reducing the cost of their energy bills for years to come.

The Smarter Way to Save
Always leave for work at the same time every morning? Your thermostat will pick up on this and switch the heating off for you as you head out the door.
Always get home at six every evening? Your thermostat will learn this and switch the heating back on so that you always return to a warm, cosy property.
With most thermostats costing less than £200, this is a low-cost way to immediately add long-term value to your home.

Optimise comfort in your home with the ability to adjust room temperature and set heating timers straight from your smartphone or tablet. Create specific heating zones to reduce energy waste or to maintain perfect working conditions across various areas of a business.